How to Order

Custom Engraved Employee Recognition Awards – How To Order, Buy, Customize


Helpful Hint:

When considering items for your project, keep in mind that all of our items are CUSTOM ENGRAVED, which means that any item can be turned into a “themed” item by adding appropriate artwork to the engraving.

We have a wide variety of clipart at our disposal, in themes such as globes, golf, stars, eagles and much more.  There is no additional charge for this service.  Feel free to ask us about customizing your award by adding themed artwork.

Ordering online via our secure website

Product Selection

1. Browse through our product categories

2. Click on any product to view details and quantity pricing

3. Enter the quantity desired and click “ADD TO CART”

4. Repeat this process for as many products as desired

Checking Out

1. When you are finished selecting your products and adding them to your shopping cart, click “Proceed to Checkout”.


The engraving information for your order will not be needed during the ordering/checkout process. When the checkout steps are completed and you press “Place Order”, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to you with instructions on how to provide your engraving information and/or artwork.

2. Choose your checkout method:

  • Guest  (Your information is only saved for your current order)
  • Register (You will create an account that will greatly expedite the process for future orders)
  • Log In (For customers who already have an account)

3. Proceed through the checkout steps and enter required information.

4. The last step in the process is to review your order.  Take the time to check your items and quantities.  If everything is correct, click the “PLACE ORDER” button.

Note: If any changes are needed, click on the “Edit your cart” link and then change quantities or add/delete the appropriate products.  When changes are complete, proceed once again to checkout.  The information you have already entered during the checkout process will still be there! 

Helpful Hint:  There are many benefits of registering.  Among these are:

  • Fast and easy checkout
  • Easy access to your order history and the ability to duplicate or re-order previous projects.
  • The ability to easily manage your account info – adding or deleting billing or shipping addresses, changing passwords, changing telephone numbers, etc.
  • Cart Saving feature:  When logged in, items remain in your cart even if you do not complete your order.  This is convenient if you need to gather other information such as payment or shipping address before you complete an order.

What happens next?

When your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email along with your order summary and instructions on how to provide your engraving information and/or artwork.

When we receive your text for engraving and/or artwork, the process will flow as follows:

  • We will design the layout and email an engraving proof for each item ordered
  • After reviewing the proofs, reply with any changes needed or approval
  • If changes are needed, proof revisions will be emailed until you are satisfied with the engraving layout
  • Once approved, we will commence production of your order
  • Your project will ship in 3-5 business days

Artwork Requirements

  • “Camera-Ready”, High Resolution Artwork (Also called “Vector-Based” Artwork)
  • All Black and White (No colors, shades, shadows, etc.)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files -or- Illustrator EPS (.eps) files preferred

When creating a beautifully engraved award, we must begin with high quality artwork.  In order to expedite your orders, please submit camera-ready (vector) artwork.  Camera-ready artwork should be all black and white, with a minimum of 600 dpi resolution.  The artwork should not appear pixilated or fuzzy. Vector graphics can be easily resized/scaled to fit the engraving area with no loss of quality or resolution.

Artwork that is not camera-ready or submitted in non-digital format may require additional touch-up, scanning or conversion to the proper format.  For example, low resolution printed artwork or low resolution artwork sent in bitmap format would require conversion to a high resolution, vector type file.  Bitmap file types include .tif, .bmp, .gif and .jpg.

We understand that in some cases, artwork may simply not be available in high resolution.  Not a problem.  We offer a logo cleanup service and can make high quality vector art from almost any file type.  The cost for this service is a flat $25.00 per logo and we will discuss this with each customer before preparing any engraving proofs.

Additionally, submitted artwork may contain thin lines and/or reverses which may not reproduce correctly when engraved. We reserve the right to make slight adjustments to artwork or text in order to make suitable for our engraving process.  Submitted artwork and logos are assumed to be to be in full compliance with trademark and copyright laws.